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Why Big Sky Bikes?

You can buy a bicycle almost anywhere—mass merchants, hardware stores, garage sales, newspaper ads—so why choose an LBS (local bike shop, in bike-speak) like Big Sky Bikes? Because where you buy often determines what you get. That’s why it makes sense to choose a seller who can ensure the most safe, durable and fun bicycle for you. You’ll find just that in an LBS with a great selection, enthusiastic staff, and on-site service and repair.

  1. You work with the seller who knows the most about your cycling needs.
    OK, so Big Sky Bikes is not the best place for one-stop shopping; we don’t sell groceries or lawnmowers. But a local bike shop is the best place to satisfy your cycling needs—whether that means choosing a new bike, servicing your current wheels or finding great places to ride. We’re staffed by knowledgeable and enthusiastic cyclists who love sharing their expertise.
  2. You’ll find someone to help you with the bikes right away.
    That’s what we’re here for. Our staff members will ask you many questions, all to help find the best bike for you. They’ll want to know how long you’ve been riding, whether you ride on pavement or dirt, how often you get out, whether fun or fitness or medals are your goals, and much more. That’s how we help you pinpoint the bike that will do the best job for you.
  3. You can pick from a great selection of bikes in the store—and even some that are not.
    Every person is different—and the right bike for them is different too. That’s why we offer road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, juvenile bikes, comfort bikes and cruisers in various brands, models, sizes, styles, colors, and prices. And if we don’t have the perfect bike for you in the store, we can order one for you from one of our quality suppliers.
  4. You get a bike expertly assembled and ready to ride.
    Bicycles don’t from the factory assembled and ready to roll. At some stores, you may get a box with bike parts, waiting for you to put them together and adjust as needed. But at Big Sky Bikes, we never forget that a bicycle is a vehicle, one you may ride in heavy traffic or down a steep trail. That why our professional mechanics spend about an hour with each bicycle we sell, assembling, tuning and testing to make sure it will work perfectly –and safely—when you take it for a spin.
  5. You’re encouraged to take test rides.
    You can’t just look at a bike to see if it’s the right one for you. You need to ride it—and not just around the block. Take it for a spin down the street, test the gears, test the brakes, test the fit. Climb, coast, cruise and see what you think. Make some notes, either mentally or on paper, then come back to the shop and try others. We want you to know you’ll love the bike before you buy it.
  6. You get the size—and fit—best for you.
    Not only do you need the right-size bike, you need one that fits well too. That’s why we offer a FREE Basic Sizing with every bike we sell. We adjust the seat and handlebars to ensure you get a comfortable, efficient ride. And if you need accessories to make your ride even better—a softer saddle, perhaps?—we can put one on right away.
  7. You’re invited to come back after the sale.
    The only reason to go back to a mass merchant after the sale is to return your bike. But we hope to see you back in just a few weeks for a free tune-up. After you take your bike for a few rides, we may need to tighten cables, tension spokes and adjust fit. We want to make sure you continue to enjoy your ride. Regular maintenance ensures you’ll get lifetime performance from your bike.
  8. You get a bike that’s guaranteed by the manufacturer and us.
    You’re not on your own if you need any help with a bike we sell. We stand behind them with professional mechanics, who can resolve almost any problem in-house. In the rare case that’s not possible, all our bikes all come with full manufacturer’s warranties as well.
  9. You can get all the extras you need here too.
    You may need more than a bike to enjoy your ride. We offer top-quality accessories and apparel, including helmets, locks, pumps, mirrors, packs, hydration systems, computers, nutrition, bike racks … you-name-it. We have experience with everything we sell, so we can advise you on the best choices for you.
  10. You can connect with the biking community through our shop.
    We don’t just provide equipment and extras—we offer camaraderie as well. We’re the best source to learn about great rides, new equipment, friends to pedal with, competitive events, charity rides and everything else that will make cycling the most fun for you.

Locally owned since 2008

Robert Sayler has owned and operated Big Sky Bikes since 2008.

Big Sky Bikes Showroom
Big Sky Bikes Showroom