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Bike Repair & Service

We service all makes and models!

We’re experts at bike repair, with the experience, knowledge, and factory training to do the job right. 

The chart below lists the common bicycle services and repairs we perform. But we don’t stop there! Contact us at any time or drop by with your bike to talk about your ride’s needs. At Big Sky Bikes, information is always FREE—we’ll give you an estimate and you can decide how to proceed. Also let us know if you need your bike serviced fast for a big ride or race. We’ll do our best to make sure your bike is ready.

Note: Unless listed below, parts are not included in bike service prices. If your bike needs new parts, we’ll talk with you first and proceed with your approval.

Bike Maintenance Menu

Level I - Mt. Jumbo

A touch-up before a long ride or race

Safety check and inspection with basic bearing adjustments

Brake and gear adjustment

Air tires/ check sealant

Lube chain


Level II - Mt. Sentinel

What every bike needs once a year

Everything in Mt Jumbo plus…

Wheels trued and tensioned

In-depth bearing adjustments

 Drivetrain removed and cleaned with eco-friendly parts washer


Level III

Sheep Mountain

Your bike will run like new

Everything in Mt. Jumbo & Mt. Sentinel plus...

Bike stripped to frame for a thorough clean

Bearings and cables replaced as needed

Brake bleed. Pads & rotors replaced


*Discounted suspension service*

A La Carte Bike Repair Services

Flat Repair: $12.00
+  per wheel for sealant
+  per tube

Brake Adjustment: $17.00

Brake Bleed: $28.00

Derailleur Hanger Adjustment: $16.00 

Insurance estimate: $50 (refundable if replacement parts purchased from BSB)

Wheel True & Spoke Replacement: $26.00 - $42.00
+ $1-$5 per spoke

Box Bike for shipping: $100.00 

Build Bike: $105+ | Pro build: $300.00

Build Electric Bikes: $110.00+

Labor Rate: $110.00 / hour

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