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Repair Service

Big Sky Bikes is at your service

We’re experts at bike repair, with the experience, knowledge and factory training to do the job right. So whether you need your brakes adjusted, a broken spoke replaced or a complete overhaul to make your bike look and feel better than new, we can take care of it.

The chart below lists the common bicycle services and repairs we perform. But we don’t stop there! Contact us at any time or drop by with your bike to talk about your ride’s needs. At Big Sky Bikes, information is always FREE—we’ll give you an estimate and you can decide how to proceed. Also let us know if you need your bike serviced fast for a big ride or race. We’ll do our best to make sure your bike is ready.

Missoula Bike Service & Repair Shop

Note: Unless listed below, parts are not included in prices. If your bike needs new parts, we’ll talk with you first and proceed with your approval.

Full Bike Overhaul $260

When you are in love with your bike and you want it riding like new.

Small parts estimate in Full Bike Overhaul $100

  • Bike is disassembled, cleaned, and polished
  • Headset, hubs, and bottom bracket overhauled (repacking and adjustment)
  • New cables and housing installed (included)
  • Complete inspection of all moving parts
  • Complete tune up and drive train cleaning
  • Handlebar tape or grips changed (parts extra)
  • Complete inspection of all moving parts
  • Pivot points on suspension system inspected and lubed
  • Inspect and air suspension (does not include suspension service)

Level 3 Tune-Up $115           Level 2 Tune-Up $80

What every bike needs at least once a year.       Get your bike finely tuned and lubed.

Small parts estimate of $30 with Deluxe and Complete Tune-Ups

  • Adjust brakes front and rear, pad installation
  • Adjust derailleurs front and rear, lube pulleys
  • True Wheels front and rear
  • Adjust hub bearings front and rear
  • Adjust headset and Bottom Bracket
  • Lube chain and cables, wipe bike, chain, and rims clean
  • Tire, tube, handlebar tape, grips, cable install, etc. labor is extra
  • Final inspection
  • *Deluxe tune-up includes drive train cleaning

Level 1 Tune  $49.00

Great for getting bikes that are already in good shape ready for the next ride

  • Complete safety check
  • Check for worn parts to prevent further parts wear
  • Brake inspection and minor adjustment
  • Gear inspection and minor adjustment
  • Drive train inspection and lube
  • Tire pressure set to recommended levels

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